Let's take care of each other.

We're challenged by the steady drumbeat of news and analysis showing that many families and individuals are financially fragile and often struggle to come up with the resources necessary to meet sudden and urgent financial demands.

We can do better.

Inspired to do something to help that need, we've built Friendowment as a financial tool to help you join with the people closest to you to tackle life's challenges head-on. Our mission is to lessen the impact of risks that might be acute for you and your family by offering those closest to you a proactive way to share the burden. And to likewise give you a convenient (and financially responsible) way to contribute to the well-being of the people around you.

Built for today... and tomorrow.

Friendowment the service and Friendowment the company are built to take full advantage of the growing digital economy. Rather than spend our resources on licensing and service contracts with traditional banking institutions, we've built our platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This allows us to be nimble and responsive to your needs and to quickly roll out new features and capabilities as the need for them is realized. One of our goals is to minimize the fees we have to pass along to you in order to ensure the sustainability of the service. We believe that embracing the recent advances in digital assets will contribute positively to our ability to innovate and serve you better.

Stay tuned.

We're currently re-working the service with some great new features including direct bank account integration and ACH transfers via an innovative new FinTech startup called Sila. You can read more about this exciting new integration at Sila's blog.